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Solar Gold ~ a pureHEART Myst for Empowering Oneself with the life-giving forces, and warmth, of the Sun. July ... In the Northern Hemmisphere, July brings forth images of hot summer days, picnics under the trees, bees blessing the flowers with their visitations ~ and flowers blessing bees with their nectar. But here in Australia, July means mid-Winter. So we use our picnic rugs instead to buffer our bodies against the icy winds, and warm our bones with the glorious heat of open fires ... oh, and in OUR home lots of hot Reishi-Chilli tonics!  At pureHEART, July therefore is actually the perfect month for indugling in Solar Gold. It's a time to Myst-in the golden rays of the Sun, breathing in the life-giving forces of the Solar centre into our being.     Inspiration  Solar Gold was inspired by the African landscape where the Sun blasts it's healing rays down onto the wide open plains. In Africa there are broad fields of Sunflowers, stretching so far across the landscape...

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