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pureHEART Mysts bring Flower, Fragrance and Frequency into alchemical harmony with Ancient Artesian Spring Water.

The flower essences of pureHEART Mysts are created from an Ecclectic group of plant species from around the world which are cared for using Biodynamic practices and aligning with the cycles and seasons of Mother Gaia. They are musically 'sounded' to as they grow with frequency and rhythms aligned to the higher realms of the Universe. With equal amounts of love and dedication, the water elements which go into creating pureHEART Mysts are collected directly from the World Heritage Blue Mountains. The purity of this element, along with the beautiful and aromatic qualities of natural plant essential oils, are foundational to the frequency shifting ability of these transformational Mysts.


They are Healing Codes of Nature in a bottle . . . a portal to your Higher Self.

 Capturing the grand design of Divinity-in-Nature, pureHEART foundation continues the Shamanic practices of bottling the energetic and healing essences of the great teacher plants of the ages. From seed to spray, pureHEART Mysts allow us to experience the wisdom of the Earth in order to raise our energetic fields and deepen our Sacred relationship to personal and spiritual Mastery. 

The therapeutic Plant-Spirit Wisdom within pureHEART Mysts balances the emotions, cleanses energy patterns and restores
a state of Grace to the Higher Mind.

 pureHEART foundation puts careful and loving intention into every stage of it's Mysts, with the prayerful purpose to raise the frequency of Humanity through the alchemical elements of Gaia's Cosmic Garden. Additionally through Healing Sound Journeys, Plant Science education and Plant Poetry, pureHEART's mission is to connect individuals to their Soul-Source, creating a ripple of healing and postive creativity into every heart-field, and into the heart of our beautiful Earth Mother.