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 Pureheart Alchemy offers Healing Codes of Nature ~ in a bottle ~ a portal to your Higher Self.

Capturing the grand design of Divinity-in-Nature, Pureheart Alchemy continues the Shamanic practices of bottling the energetic and healing essences of the great teacher plants of the ages. Through their presentations and creations, Pureheart Alchemy allow us to experience the wisdom of the Earth in order to raise our energetic fields and deepen our Sacred relationship to personal and spiritual Mastery.  

The Plant-Spirit-Wisdom of Pureheart Alchemy:

~ balances emotions    
~ cleanses energy patterns
~ restores a state of Grace to the Higher Mind 
~ reconnects us to our own nature through the Ancient Wisdom of Plants




Pureheart's Vision


Pureheart Foundation, through Pureheart Alchemy, has the intention to assist Humanity to realign with it's role as Caretaker of Mother Gaia. Our Vision is to raise the frequency, awareness and care of individuals through the alchemical elements of Gaia's Cosmic Garden:

~ NATURE | Plant Science Workshops:
learn the history of our healing relationship to Plants through our experiential presentations. From ancient Shamans to the latest science, plants are our allies, and they generously and constantly gift us ... they serve Earth and all her inhabintants, from basic physical needs to our spiritual awakening. It's time to start 'listening to' and serving THEM!

~ LOVE | Sound Healing Journeys: experience transformational healing through the powerful frequency-shifting modalities of sound and scent. We participate with a tribe of awakened, aware, loving, inspiring, generous group of individuals who are aligned with opening hearts, shifting lives and healing lives through the beauty and power of Sound-Plant-Scent Sessions.

~ ALCHEMY | Pureheart Creations: our creations are an expression of our own journey to reWild ourselves back into the Heart of Nature. From Mysts, plant perfumes to beauty oils, these powerful tools assist our fellow humans to recenter, reconnect and re-align with themselves. Through beauty, we evolve with our own loving nature.


Gaia's Guardians

Pureheart's  intention is to connect individuals to their Soul-Source, creating a ripple of healing and postive creativity into every heart-field ... and into the heart of our beautiful Earth Mother ... and resume our role as care-takers of Mother Earth.





Pureheart Creators


pureheart alchemy portraits Adrian Anteros

Portrait painted by Izabella Floret


Pureheart Alchemy Founder and Creator, Adrian Anteros, has travelled the world engaging with Plant Shamans:

“I have been communicating with the Fragrance and Frequency of Plant-Spirit beings, and sharing the messages and gifts of Omni-Science in Nature, for most of my life. Having engaged in ceremony with Peruvian, African and other Indigenous Plant Shamans, I feel my service to humanity is in the role of a Botanical Geomatrician. I open to allow Nature’s brilliant Source Energy to flow through me, charging my perception for deeper knowing of the human cosmic design. This, in turn, allows for me to make available to my brothers and sisters the intelligent codes and alchemical modalities which activate the optimum expansive experience: to love who you are through the embrace of Gaia’s Garden.

I align with the Shamanic practice of engaging (and relating with) Nature’s Spirit Devas and Elementals, unveiling their Clairaudient lyrical voice. Each unique plant in the Myst collection expresses its own distinctive signature and Divine character. I am intuitively guided to seek out the teacher plants from different landscapes from around the world which have sung their song to indigenous cultures for centuries. When these plants are brought together in a fusion of conscious potency, they bond as a pantheon of elemental strength, delivering inspirational messages that today’s generations need to hear. This is the vision which I am compelled to capture alchemically through our Pureheart Alchemy creations.”





pureheart alchemy portraits Izabella Floret

Self-Portrait painted by Izabella Floret


Pureheart Alchemy Artist and Co-creator, Izabella Floret, has a close affinity to the earth spirits:

“I have been deeply connected to nature since I was a child. My first deep love (beyond my parents) was the beautiful big Morton Bay Fig outside my childhood home in Sydney. I practically lived in that tree! I spent hours climbing through it’s limbs, day-dreaming and communicating with all the beings of the wild. Being outside much of my childhood taught me to appreciate with the differing quality of the different spirit expressions in Gaia's opulent garden. In particular, through it's grounding and soothing company, I fell in love with the healing and calming quality of trees and their ability to reconnect me with my own heart through their steadfast silent strength and whispering leaves…

After a lifetime delving into the adult world of schooling, work, service, creativity and self-study… my Spirit opened me back up into deep soulful relationship with plants again, in large part due to Adrian and his beautiful flower essence creations. Adrian’s unique connection with the natural world has guided me through a gentle, yet profound, journey back into nature, through listening to the subtle song of our quiet companions here on Pacha Mama. I am very much aligned with the vision of Pureheart Alchemy in opening hearts, raising frequency and aligning our Spirits with the grounding beauty of our natural world. Through these wise and mysterious plant beings on this beautiful garden planet, we can truly heal ourSelves.”